Become an Ambassador


Would you like to join WNTR in spreading its core values of inspiring others to be themselves? If you said yes, you are someone that cares for more than just themselves; you aspire to see other people reach their utmost potential when it comes to success, attitude, and character. Having more people like yourself join the family helps us get the word out about what we live by. Being your best. We will push you all to maximize the impact you leave on the people in your circle and to expand it as far as possible. Reach out to the people you haven't spoken to before and have a chat from one person to another. Just being respectful and honest to someone can be the change they may need in their day. Do you have what it takes to act as a Sheppard to those who never knew they could achieve more by just believing in themselves? If so, let us know via email and we would love to hear more about who you are as a person and what you aspire to do with your future in helping others.